Darius Butler | Indianapolis Colts Cornerback | Colts Defensive Backs Have a Tradition of Giving Door-to-Door
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Colts Defensive Backs Have a Tradition of Giving Door-to-Door

23 Nov Colts Defensive Backs Have a Tradition of Giving Door-to-Door

The Colts defensive backs have a tradition of giving back at Thanksgiving.

“It’s the holiday season and the holidays just remind everybody to give back and be thankful for what you have and being able to pass that on to other people,” said cornerback Darius Butler.


“A lot of these families don’t have the income to even buy Thanksgiving dinner, so we’re trying to provide that assistance to help so these families can have an enjoyable Thanksgiving,” said cornerback Vontae Davis.

The guys in the backfield are used to getting hands-on. And that’s how they like to give back.


“It’s unusual for a professional football player to knock on the door and say, ‘Here’s Thanksgiving.’ So, I think that’s one of the things I enjoy most. Just doing it, period,” said safety Mike Adams.

They started at the Edna Martin Christian Center on Tuesday evening where volunteers helped assemble and distribute Thanksgiving meals to 100 families in need.


From there, Butler, Davis, Adams and their teammates ventured into the surrounding neighborhoods, bringing Thanksgiving right to the door.


“When you just show up, the kids especially are just so excited to see Colts players. They might not know exactly who you are or what position you play or anything like that, but just the fact that you’re there,” said Butler.

It creates a memory for the families and players alike.


“Some of them stick with you. I can remember some now where you went in and see all the kids on the couch and on the floor and they see us and they just light up,” said Adams.

“The emotion that these people have,” said Davis. “One family, the mother just started crying, she was so overwhelmed that we came and gave them a helping hand and brought turkeys and canned goods and food to have. She had five kids and it was just her as a single parent. She really showed emotionally that it was a blessing.”

But there’s no blessing like being a blessing to someone else.


“It’s a short week. The middle of this football season, there’s a lot of other things these guys could be doing,” Butler said. “A lot of these guys are taking time out to give back and show up and invest their time, shake hands, take pictures, whatever it may be. It’s fun. Even if it’s on a small scale, it’s still a good thing to do.”

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact.


“You don’t know what’s going on in some people’s life and we just want to be able to help and give back and bless a family with turkey and food to provide for their family,” Davis said.

In the end, it’s the families who provide the real blessing.

“That’s the best blessing you could receive, to know that you’re helping somebody in a tough situation. I always think what we’re going through, somebody is going through a tougher situation out there in the real world. It’s just a blessing to be able to do that.”

Thanksgiving is one day.

The memories the players make delivering Thanksgiving meals are cherished for years to come.

Source: coltsroundup.com

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