Darius Butler | Indianapolis Colts Cornerback | Fun Facts
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Fun Facts


Frankfurt, Germany





TV Show: 

Power or SportsCenter



Bob Marley



 Denzel Washington & Johnny Depp


Athletes you look up to: 

 Deion Sanders & Muhammad Ali





Vacation spot:



One thing on your bucket list:



Pet peeve: 

People who call me with no warning. (Text the man first!)


Secret Talent:

I have the ability to wake up from a dream, go back to sleep, and continue it.


If you weren’t playing football what would your occupation be?

I’d probably be a football or basketball coach.


One thing you can’t leave home without:

My phone.


What are you really bad at? 

Keeping my room clean.


What makes you laugh?



Who has had the biggest impact on your athletic career?

My older brother, Mitchell.


What actor would play you in a movie about your life?

That’s easy, Idris Alba.


What has been the toughest thing about being a NFL athlete?

Learning how to take care of your body what does and doesn’t work for you


What has been the best thing about being a NFL athlete?

Being able to compete at the highest-level against the best athletes in the sport. I love this game!


What advice would you give to aspiring NFL players?

Keep good people around you. Be self-motivated, and never lose confidence in your abilities.